Vans Pro Park Series 2016

Wold Championship Streams Tomorrow

A friendly reminder tomorrow Saturday, August 20th, Vans will be streaming their first ever Pro Park Series Championship in Malmo, Sweden. The Malmo skateboarders pride themselves on having an active role in the design of the park and the event itself. Bryggeriet and Dreamland Skateparks have teamed up with the Malmo locals to create a park with an open flow with vert features ranging from 5-9ft, (although they measure them in meters). You can catch the live broadcast on the Vans Park Series website. Enjoy!

Here are the event times in respect to their local times:

Malmo – 2:30pm

Los Angeles – 5:30am

New York – 8:30am

Rio De Janeiro – 9:30am

London – 1:30pm

Melbourne – 10:30pm