Ramparampage 10: Nick Steenbeke

This video came with a disclaimer: "Warning. Moose Productions nor Nick Steenbeke can be held responsible for any kind of facemelting, mindblowing, or cellphone/computer failure caused by this video." Five months later we finally mustered the courage to actually watch the damn thing. Only one Berrics employee suffered from the aforementioned facemeltage, but he was on his third strike anyway. Thanks Moose Productions!


Isaiah Jones (Zay you, zay me)

Isaiah Jones's full part (filmed in LA and SD) starts off with him flinging his board far up onto a hill, and it ends with him flinging a perfect nollie heel down a well-known San Diego double set. There's not much left to zay, except that we've been jonesing for a part like this for a while.


Old Skool Chris

Freestyle guru "Old Skool Chris" has appeared in Watch This before. His edits are always true DIY affairs, and he's always rocking the vintage Globes—the Rodney Mullen Pro models from '01, with soles optimized for primo stalls—a bangin' metal soundtrack, and quirky editing. Trying to find a suitable, dry flat spot up in rainy Portland isn't always easy but Chris seems to always keep it moving. 



Ruben Vermeulen's video features skating by Guillaume Clincke, Troy Vlaeminck, Tom Gunst, Siebert Glele, Ruben Vermeulen, Fabian Lopera, Arthur Bultynck, Hans Claessens, Maico Wieczerniak, Lucas De Maesschalck, Thomas De Ley, Nick Steenbeke, Artjom Glushchenko, Vincenzo Colameo, Simon Deprez, Kevin Vu, Joris Van Wiele, Mohamed Saouti, Ramsy Saïdi, Victor Vanpuyvelde, and Hendrik Verschraege. Nice work, dudes!


April 27, 2017

April 27, 2017