Rafael Chavarria - The R.B. Boys

Robby Givens just completed his full-length, "The R.B. Boys." His buddy Rafael (from a small town near the Oregon border) has one hell of a part in it, including an impressive manual that is like the marathon of wheelies.


Filip Wojnowski - London

Filip's London part comes with a charming story: "I spent last year working in a coffee shop together with the guy I filmed this part with, Aram Socha, all the time skating together after work and that's how it worked out." That sounds awesome! Slanging muffins and double lattes and talking about what clips you're gonna get after work? What a way to make a living!


Chucky Gerold - Who's Watching Me

We can't describe exactly why we are digging this so much—Chucky throws a lot at you in his A-Team-esque part (circa "Rodney vs. Daewon Round 2"), it's hard to narrow down what really hooked us. Needless to say, the tricks you're about to see could only come from someone named Chucky: possessed, maniacal combos involving one or more toys (boards). Pure child's play.


Diver Miyazato

Judging by his new street part, Virginia's Diver Miyazato goes head first with everything he does. And he's only thirteen years old? 


August 4, 2017

August 3, 2017