28-year-old Marcel Rieger rolls in Vienna, Austria. In his first full part in “Confus 2” Marcel gets footy in Spain’s Costa Del Sol and in Vienna (doing a fakie ollie over a wall that makes the Alps look puny). Marcel has a pretty sick style—he pulls off a 5-0 tre flip like a boss—you could say he’s Viennese with ease.



“Memories of simpler times.” That’s how James Messina wanted to describe “Passing Time,” his edit of Nate Robinson. So we’re going to respect his wishes and just leave it at that… Even though we feel like it’s a little too understated for what the video is. Seriously, the video is deep and nuanced, and there’s so much going on. I mean, is this a rueful longing for years gone by? And those subtle shots of Nate at the airport, working in an auto shop… and the gorgeous scenery. Where is he? Why does it switch from black-and-white to color in the auto shop shots? …So many questions. But, we won’t beat a dead horse: memories of simpler times it is. Short and sweet.



Smithers, BC has a skatepark with a devoted crew of locals. These guys come here day after day—rain, sleet, snow, hail (maybe not hail)—push each other and progress. And Smithers is pretty remote. It’s so impressive to see how much work was put into this fast-paced video, especially with the piles of snow and wet pavement. Hopefully, when you see what Smithers is up to, you’ll sit back like Mr. Burns and just say, “Excellent…” Thanks to Damage Monger Skateboarding for sharing this video with us!



We receive Watch This entries every day and it’s always inspiring to see how motivated you guys are. Octavio Scholz sent us a link to a part by Brazil’s Pedro Duarte, which was filmed in South America and California, and this dude Pedro certainly takes a licking. And not only does he keep on ticking, he ticks “get my first part on The Berrics” off his list of things to do today. 


December 16, 2016

December 15, 2016