Alex Gould goes buck wild in Wisconsin. Filmed and edited by Alex Havey, with additional filming by Jimmy Williams, Ramon March, Jake Dussing, Chance Harrolle, Calis Sims, and Geoff Kopski.



“Duzento 2” is Guilhermo Guillis’s video featuring Brazilian rippers in Brazil and Europe. A cursory search in good ol’ Google Translate shows that “duzento” means “two hundred.” After watching this, the mind reels from all of the possible permutations and meanings behind this appealingly cryptic numerological title. Is it like how New Deal titled its second video “1281” based on the company’s street address? Or is it like how Tum Yeto is named after its original phone number (substituted by the letters on the keypad, of course). There are literally hundreds of explanations but maybe you should leave the theorizing to us and just watch this sick video.


"Grasu" - Cohal Cristian

Now, to go a little further with the foreign language vibe, in Romania “grasu” means “fatty.” “Fatty” happens to be Cohal Cristian’s nickname. It doesn’t really sound like a compliment, does it? Well, consider that the homie Grasu used to weigh upwards of 220 pounds when he first started skating, but get a load of him now—he’s fit as a fiddle. I guess it’s kinda like when you call a bigger fella “Tiny.” Or a slow guy “Speedy.” Romania isn’t the easiest place to skate so it’s pretty incredible that Cohal went from fatty to flatty in no time flat.



February 10, 2017

February 9, 2017