Justis Walton - Teenage Witch Group Suicide

Much like its title, Justis Walton’s bubbling cauldron of a part starts out mellow and ends with a bang. With hands-free fastplants, caveman slides that are straight-up Paleolithic (leaving the Tertiary Period in its dust), and boneless ones that are one bone short of a skeleton, this Watch This entry is fully justified.


Where We Are Now - Turnhout, Belgium

Woodz Boardshop is located in the aptly named town of Turnhout, Belgium… because these boys turn it out. “Where We Are Now” is an exploration of the intersection of dreams and reality. It’s about appreciating the present while you look to the future. For example, when Jacob Janssens kickflips into a manual, that’s the present. When he kickflips out of that long-ass manual twenty seconds later, that’s the future.


Joe Tocco's Fast Food Footy (featuring Michael Mavo)

Joe Tocco goes loco in his “Fast Food Footy,” and his homie Mikey Mavo drives thru for a Happy Meal’s worth of clips—with extra relish. (Mavo has become the unofficial mascot of Watch This; he has appeared in at least three separate Watch This videos over the past year.) By the way, Joe Tocco skates goofy. So when you spot a couple of regular-footed late shuvs (he calls that a “Number Two”) in the second half of the video, you really appreciate that Tocco is a switch menunaire.


February 24, 2017

February 24, 2017