AJ is from Tinley Park, Illinois (right outside of Chicago). At only 16 years old, he’s got a pretty mature approach to rails. He’s joined in this part by his homies Josh Oakes, Dave Green, Sam Vestal, Austin Bland, and Kyle Karkut. AJ is OK!


Vincent Kelsey’s “Summer in the City 2” entry

Vans teamed up with Slam City Skates for their annual edit contest last August, and Vincent Kelsey’s London rave-up was the winner. The concept is constrained for contest connoisseurs: you don’t have all summer to film, just the month of August. Kelsey does the city and the season justice with his tight edit featuring Josh Mayson, Harrison Holsgrove, Rich Armitage, and James Grindley. Ta!



San Diego’s Grant Fiero released a homie video on Christmas day featuring all of his buddies who are out there doing it for the love of the game. This christmas present is a fun snapshot of LA before the torrential downpour made this one of the wettest winters in a while. Grant made the most of the drought, now he’s just checking in to see what condition his condition is in. Filmed and edited by Sergei Williamson and Colin Flynn.



Michigan’s Derek Acosta gets around. Peep his part—he managed to get a clip at every single major spot of the past five years. That’s quite an accomplishment; Derek’s quite a character.


January 20, 2017

January 19, 2017