A couple of years ago we started a section on the site called WATCH THIS. It was a collection of all our favorite short films, shop videos, montages, homie videos, stories and video parts from people who aren’t as well known as your favorite pros and who may never be. We got so many good submissions from all over the world it has been incredible. We appreciate and watch every single submission that comes into us and want to remind you to keep them coming because as of now, twice a month we will share the ten best submissions. At the end of the year, the maker of our favorite WATCH THIS video will win a trip for two to Los Angeles to skate the Berrics and hit the streets with 5 super pros. In this day and age it’s getting harder and harder to get some shine. We just wanna give you a chance.

Send your videos to: watchthis@theberrics.com


Skateboarding is fun Vol 2 Alexander Rademaker Jonny Giger

Alexander Rademake and Jonny Giger bring originality to a skate world focused on fitting in. It was obvious from the very beginning of the video, for these two dudes skateboarding is about having fun, not worrying about what’s mainstream. One of the best parts about this video is Alexander’s basically skating the same board in every clip.


Tate Malpass & Aaron Wilson by John Danielson


Tate Malpass and Aaron Wilson’s Watch This! features are two separate parts from the video Corridor of Shame 2 by John Danielson. Coincidently many of the dudes in this video were YOUnited Nations 3 finalists, who have since showed no signs of slowing down. Tate film his part in only 6 months, stacking a full part of creative trick after trick. Aaron’s 27 stair hubba ender was after work, between a one-hour window of opportunity and juggling a wife and two kids. Texas breeds some serious talent, watch this video and you’ll see what we’re talking about.


John Esquivel "Third Time’s a Charm"

Skateboarding is about taking something thousands of people do and making it your own, getting as much out of it as you put in. And you know what? Not everyone is going to fit the same mold, and quite frankly that’s exactly how it should be. John Esquivel’s Third Time’s a Charm” video was a demonstration of a pure love for skateboarding. We wanted you to watch this video to learn from the sweat on his back, his skating random used car parking lots, and John doing his own tricks. Because today skateboarders tend to forget how their love of skating began.


Vague Year by Chad Butler

Vague Year by Chad Butler is a high definition visual featuring the Cleveland Ohio skate scene. Visually stimulating the video features high definition drone shots, intense slow motion shots and most importantly, great skating. What really stood out to us was Chad’s ability to match his high definition film style with palpable skateboarding. Majority of the time our submissions feature one without the other, we applaud these Cleveland rippers and Chad Butler for making a great video.


Mimmi by Phil Evans

We are all chasing something in skating whether we’d like to admit it or not. For some of us its freedom through physical movement, individuality through self expression, or an escape from the harsh realities of life. For Mimmi Leckius, a local ripper from Malmo Sweden, she explores the motivation behind her skating in a unique edit surrounding her dreams.


Oscar Rambao by Jamel Robinson

There’s something to be said about a video capturing the old school essence of street skating. That’s exactly how we felt about Jamel Robinson’s submission of Oscar Rambao. Maybe it was the classic hip-hop beat, the raw fisheye filming, or the creative courthouse lines, but either way in a skateboarding landscape where videos blend together like protein shakes, we really want you to watch this video of Oscar Rambao. Not too mention Oscar hammers out a plethora of NBD’s on the Courthouse manual pad.


The Hesh Video Kolito Rossotti

After recovering from a broken leg, Kolito Rossotti filmed this two-year part, traveling from Uruguay to Los Angeles, California. Kolito from the first clip to the last shreds through this edit with his own style and approach to every obstacle. Watch This! Hesh Video of Kolito Rossotti, and maybe you’ll be inspired to do your own thing.


Black and White Tyler Jackman by Alex Tankamnerd

Maybe not all of us were fortunate to start skateboarding at an early age, but for those of us who did we remember what it was like to film with our best friend, roaming our local streets attempting to stack the gnarliest trick possible. We wanted you to watch this video to remember those pure aspects of skating that made us fall in love with this piece of wood.



March 4, 2016

March 4, 2016