Sean Istaste - "Versace Pizza"

Sean Istaste (pronounced iz-tah-stay) is one cheesy dude. And by "cheesy," we mean he's got that ooey-gooey style that just sits there in a thick layer atop, oh I don't know… a Versace Pizza! Any way you slice it, Sean's part is loaded with premium toppings while everybody around you just seems crusty and burnt. 


Marcel Rieger - "Seven Sessions"

Der Komissar's in town: Austria's Marcel Rieger knows that you only get seven chances to make a good first impression in this edit.


"Life Meeting Skateboarding" (teaser)

Next year, the French production company Cinemi is releasing the feature Life Meeting Skateboarding, a documentary that follows a handful of skaters and brings you into their worlds. Let me give you a little pre-teaser tease: Stephane motherfuckin' Larance. Consider yourself teased.


Jimmy de Kok - "Free Booze For Rollers"

With a name like de Kok you know this part is gonna be de Shit. And it is. We love counterintuitive soundtracks here at The Berrics and Free Booze For Rollers, the full-length homie video from The Netherlands (Tilburg, to be exact) is a feast for the eyes, and ears. If you are a fan of Flip's Sorry! or Bombaklats, then you need to spend an hour with this video here

Edit: Jimmy de Kok, Kurt van Outheusden & Rens Verbruggen Film: Jimmy de Kok, Rens Verbruggen, Sjoerd Vlemmings, Erik Bus, Martijn Bos, Fritz van Klinken, Moose, Niek de Nooijer and many more.


November 10, 2017

November 9, 2017