Matt and Joris Milliner are skateboarding brothers—they are blood. Growing up with a brother who also skates can be an obnoxious, self-esteem crushing experience. For example, siblings instinctively don’t like to share. But the Milliners have found their groove, sharing filming duties, sharing the spots, and, in the case of “Galaxy Brothers,” sharing the spotlight.

The Milliners have been skating since 1996. Last year, they decided to get some clips in San Francisco, Spain, Switzerland, and France, and this resulted in a video with some gorgeous, rarely seen spots. This video is some honest-to-goodness brotherly love. 



Felix Loechel is a German filmmaker with a knack for finding creative ways to showcase skateboarding. A couple of years ago, he put out “Cliff,” which had some truly groundbreaking, beautifully executed ideas. In “Hurdle,” Felix introduces you to Clement Zannini, a skater who is out there getting it even with a notable impairment. Before you start to feel sorry for Clement, you should know that he’s going to skate no matter what: “I am one-hundred percent about skateboarding. I don’t give a fuck about something else.” Clement’s got this.



When Mentor, Ohio’s Spencer Burdock started working on “Dually,” he doubled down on a clever concept: Two very different skaters/two parts, and two songs per part. But, what the heck is a “dually”? Burdock says: “Where we are from, there are a bunch of rednecks that ride around in dually trucks (back axle has four wheels) so we thought it was funny and would fit the name of the project.” Duly noted.



“Pertiment Project” is an upcoming full-length by Fagner Pereira featuring Bruno Mendes, Hudson da Paz, Gabriel Loureiro, Rafael Alves, and William Damascena. The video was shot in twelve countries, 23 cities, covering a total of 5,000 miles. Do the math: the homies were on a mission!

Pereira sent this little preview to Watch This!, saying, “Since I first started skateboarding back in 2003, I was amazed with all videos and storytellers. This movie is dedicated to all skateboarders out there trying to make their living, working hard on their own passions, sharing their happiness, and most importantly, giving back to younger generations the benefits of being a skateboarder.” Keep doing your thing, Pereira! We need more adventurous skaters like you out there spreading the clips! 



We love checking out skating from the Czech Republic. In David Chvatal’s new video “Blackrabbit 4ever,” Jirka Hronek’s part has lines for days and will have you saying, “Czech, please!” The full-length is filmed by Kubo Krizo, Jakub Osten, Adam Lukas and Jirka Novosad. Includes skating by Marek Zápra┼żny, Roman Lišivka, Maxim Habanec, Tomas Stejskal, Martin Pek, and many more.


November 18, 2016

November 17, 2016