Chris Barber’s full-length “Indivisual” is a video about the Kansas City scene from the inside out. Barber has been working on “Indivisual” for three years, and the footage that he’s collected is pretty priceless. It’s always rad to see videos that provide a thorough look at the local spots and personalities (you might even recognize a few faces).



Old Skool Chris is a freeflowin’ freestyler from Portland, Oregon. Chris has been skating for twenty years—the first video he saw was “Second Hand Smoke,” featuring one Rodney Mullen—but still can’t quite accept that he is quite good at something that’s a little different from today’s typical approach to skating: “I’m still kinda in denial about being a total freestyler.”

But we dig it! It’s one thing to ironically hike up your shorts and dish out a few pogos and “walk the dog” (Chris knows what I’m talkin’ about), but he is sincere! That genuine understanding of the freestyle art form is evident to anyone watching his clip. Who knows—he might even become a major figure in the shoe game some day.



You don’t need to shoot with a RED camera to get your video in Watch This!, but when that ultra-high definition it’s paired with a quirky concept… let’s just say “Projection” delivers a skate cinema experience that sticks with you. It’s a moody video, and it’s even a little menacing at times. It’s kinda like if Kubrick skated—“Projection” is “The Shining” on a skateboard. Directed & Designed by Baptiste Brousse Atlan, "Propulsed" by Antoine Plainfossé, and shot by Baptiste Brousse Atlan and Jonayd Cherifi.


November 4, 2016

November 3, 2016