Will Dias

Will Dias has cornered the market on corner-bonk-nose-smashes. What does that mean? You’ll have to watch the video (filmed and edited by Renato Zokreta) to find out. Let’s just say that when the curb you know and love does you wrong, you hit back.


Dennis Bunton

The mid-‘80s was a boom time for people picking up skateboards for the first time. Dennis Bunton was part of that generation. Sadly, when a lot of his friends moved on from skateboarding he did too. Dennis ended the following twenty-year hiatus (TWENTY YEARS!) in 2013 when he was inspired to get back into it. He picked up a GoPro and started tracking his progress, and he asked himself: Can you teach an old dog new tricks? Dennis is 42 years old now, and the answer is: WOOF! (That means yes.)


Boarding With Jon

Jon Millstein is a prolific Los Angeles-based comedy writer, performer, and skateboarder. He has had a bunch of stuff featured on Funny Or Die, among other sites, and all of his work seems to share the same finely-tuned sense of satire. He’ll home in on some universal truth that will elevate a joke beyond the easy targets and shoot for something a little more precise. Case in point: “Boarding With Jon,” a three-part skate instruction series featuring an unrealistically idealistic “core” skater. He delivers a pitch-perfect depiction of “that guy” we all know, because that guy is each of us from time to time. File this one under: It’s funny because it’s true.



Florida’s Palm Beach County is home to Mikey Mavo, a guy with some insane halfpipe skills. (Side note: Here at The Berrics we are well acquainted with West Palm Beach; in fact, some of our best friends are from West Palm). Mikey’s crew roams all up and down the Eastern seaboard—hitting the streets in Boynton Beach, Royal Palm, Boca Raton, and Jupiter—but this edit is contained to one solitary halfpipe in Pierson Park, shared with Crack Jeffrey. Bonelesses of every variety are planted… and there will be blunts.


Henry Calvert

Jake Powell’s UK video, Mouth of the Ribble, gives you something to nibble on. Henry Calvert (aka “Fingerflip God”) has a part in this video proving that Blackpool lads just want to have fun. His Gene Kelly-couch-dance maneuver on a streetside rubbish heap is a breath of salty Blackpool ocean breeze. Keep taking the piss out of serious skateboarding, Henry!


October 21, 2016

October 20, 2016