Kato Skateboards - "Strictly For Cultural Purposes"

Straight out of Malmö, Sweden, is the new promo from Kato Skateboards. Filmed in Malmö and Copenhagen, "Strictly For Cultural Purposes" features skating by Karim Rhihla, Emre Yercok, Slomo Capdevila, Axel Wellton, Oscar Rambo Grønbaek, and Tormod Tönnesen. The skating is gnarly, and the video is thought-provoking, as well. Midway through, "SFCP" poses this question: "Are you real or Instareal?" Discuss.


Sparky Skate Store video '17 (Netherlands)

Sparky is a skate shop in Zwolle, Netherlands, and sparks are flying in its latest team video. Click for obscure spots, sick beats, and LOTS of cobblestone streets and brick sidewalks. Seriously, how the fuck did you guys get so good when every landing is ribbed?


September 22, 2017

September 22, 2017