Directed By Han-Su Kim


He's the director of our PUSH series, he plays a hand saw like it's a violin, and he is likely to beat you in a game of S.K.A.T.E. without even mussing his hair. That's right, we're talking about our resident storytelling stud, Han-Su Kim.

Han-Su's latest project is a music video for The Wild Reeds' "Only Songs," from their forthcoming second album, "The World We Built." Music videos are an interesting outlet for filmers looking to diversify their skill range. Han-Su flexes every storytelling muscle in this tale of robbery and lemonade.

Learn more about Han-Su in his "Get To Know Our Filmers" interview, and rewatch one of his proudest moments: his epic Employee Battle against Creative Director Matt Rodriguez (AKA "M-Rod," AKA "The Birthday Rememberer," AKA "Land Boltsriguez") below:



 A special bonus battle between Han-Su and the director of "L.A. Boys" and "QUIK," Colin "CK 1,2,3,4, and 5" Kennedy.