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WORDS: Stu Gomez //  Frontside Air. Lost Lake, California. Photo: Swift


Willy Lara
Hometown: Moorpark, California
Age: 19
Setup: 8.25” REAL, Ace 149s, 55mm Spitfire wheels, Bones Swiss, Grizzly Griptape, Diamond hardware, Vans Slip On Pro 

This year’s In Transition winner, and consistent contest contender, Willy Lara is no stranger to pressure. Or adapting to crazy bowls in unfamiliar atmospeheres: we’re still impressed by young Willy’s ability to look ultra-comfortable whether he skating in front of a crowd of thousands or just with his homies in Moorpark. Willy? Yes, he will.

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Backside Noseblunt. Porterville, California. Photo: Swift