Jack Olson Recruited

November 30, 2015

I've seen Jack Olson for many years at am contests killing it, and through that, I've definitely paid attention to him through mags and videos. He's one of those guys who sticks out like a sore thumb to where you ask, "Who the fuck is that dude?!" I was wondering when he'd be inside the Berrics with the lights off filming a Recruit with Chase—it was inevitable. Well, a couple months ago, he finally showed up to the Berrics to show you a little example as to why his future in skateboarding is bright. He's the skater's skater and while you were eating turkey on Thanksgiving day he was at Jkwon skating with his bros BBQing it up doing what he loves doing, being thankful for that piece of wood on four wheels we love so much. Great job on your Recruit, Jack! —Yoon