SLS SUPER CROWN — Who’s Gonna Win?

The level of skating in an SLS contest is incredible. These dudes rifle off tricks on command that would take a normal human days or weeks, if even landed at all. The 2017 Super Crown happens tonight in Los Angeles. In honor of the occasion, SLS released a short video of Dashawn Jordan, Louie Lopez, Nyjah Huston, and Shane O’Neill talking about what the Super Crown means to them. That’s a heavy line-up when you think about it.  We pulled some choice clips of each of these guys from our archive for you to ponder before the contest starts. Who do you think’s gonna win?

Radar – Dashawn Jordan | The Part [2017]

Bangin! | Louie Lopez [2016]

Bangin! | Nyjah Huston [2016]

Battle Commander | Shane O’Neill [2010]

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