The 2018 SLS Pro Open is happening on May 26 and 27 in London. On Day 1, 29 pros will be competing for an opportunity to compete against the SLS Pros the next day. While seven will advance to Day 2, only the the top two of the original 29 will earn slots on the 2018 SLS World Tour. The stakes are particularly high this year in the wake of SLS’ partnership with World Skate as the official qualifying series for the 2020 Olympic Games. With defending champ Nyjah Huston having to sit this stop out due to injury, the London contest should be particularly interesting. Have a look at the list of the 29 invited skaters below.

Alec Majerus

Alex Midler

Axel Cruysbergh

Blake Johnson

Boo Johnson

Chase Webb

Curren Caples

Cyril Jackson

Diego Najera

Gustavo Ribeiro

Harry Lintel

Ivan Monteiro

Jake Anderson

Kevin Bradley

Korahn Gayle

Lucien Clark

Marek Zaprazny

Mason Silva

Max Kruglov

Paul Hart

Phil Zwijsen

Sebo Walker

Shawn Hale

TJ Rogers

Trent McClung

Vincent Milou

Walker Ryan

Yuri Facchini

Youness Amrani

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