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A Day Skating with Jonny Hernandez and Kev Perez

LA filmer Kev Perez recently spent the day out skating and filming the incredibly smooth Jonny Hernandez for MOB‘s ‘Grip it and Rip it.’ As much as we all love a good edit, we also love seeing everything that went into the session that made it such a good day in the streets. Thanks to Kev, we get an inside look at what it’s like to street skate with one of the most productive pairs in skating. From flatground trash can session, to the brick double set… nothing stands in Jon’s way while he hits LA with Kevin Perez behind the lens.

Watch the full RAW edit, above, and check out MOB’s Grip it and Rip it edit, along with our “Where The Hell Did Jonny Hernandez Come From?” below!

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