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A Decade Of Berrics Photographs With Yoon Sul

Photographer Yoon Sul is the total package. Not only is he as professional as skate photographers get, he is also very comfortable in front of the lens: over the past 10 years of working for The Berrics he has become a sort of smart-ass mascot who we’re more than willing to put front-and-center. He’s been the victim of stunts on-camera (bye-bye, lustrous mane) and he continues to be the life of the office, helping to lighten the mood when deadlines are getting a little too real. Thanks for all you do, Yoon. You truly are our Yoonicorn.

Yoon reminisces about his decade-long history with us in his interview, above. Check out Yoon’s 2011 ‘Shoot All Skaters’ episode for more insight into his career in photography, below, and buy some exclusive Yoon Sul black & white prints in The Canteen!

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