AARON HOMOKI — The Nine Club Interview

Jaws is the latest to sit down for one of The Nine Club’s coveted interviews. At the 21:40 mark, he tells a story about a life-changing phone call from Tony Hawk that he got sometime around 2008. A year later, he would be at the Berrics filming his first Text Yoself, which wouldn’t be his last. 

“I ended up getting a phone call from this random number. And this random number happened to be Tony Hawk.” 

Jaws continues by explaining that Riley Hawk had shown Tony his part from A Happy Medium [2008], and wanted to invite him on a trip to Australia to see if he’d be a good fit for the team.

“He said that they were going on an Australia trip. Come on the trip to see how I vibe with the team. Riley saw the Happy Medium videos. That’s how Riley kind of found me I guess—[it] was through those. And then, Riley ended up having a part in the second Happy Medium [2011] video. And then, that second* Happy Medium* was the video—that was the video part that [came out when] I went pro.”

And the rest is history. Watch the full interview above.

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