AARON MEZA — The Nine Club Interview

Aaron Meza has had a hand in many of skateboarding’s classic videos starting with FTC’s Finally [1993]. He was also the editor-in-chief of Skateboarder Magazine in the early aughts, and is currently working at Vice on King of the Road and Epicly Later’d. Ironically, Meza’s most significant contribution to skateboarding is the one that he probably gets the least credit for—helping shape the direction of online skate content. 

Sometime in the mid 2000s, Meza left Skateboarder and returned to the Girl camp to help with filming duties for Fully Flared [2007]. He was also tasked with taking over the Crailtap site, and began producing short-form videos of single clips, interviews, behind-the-scenes antics, and more that would become the format of modern web videos as we know them.

Aaron speaks on those early internet days starting at 1:27:30 of the latest episode of the The Nine Club.

I was doing Crailtap. And online video stuff was starting to happen, short form. It was like, “We can make weird little videos.” We would do stuff on this weird Mpeg camera, like, “We’ll film a trick in the back of the skatepark, and that’ll be the clip of the day… It was all of this frivolous content.  

For a full history lesson on Meza, view the entire interview above.

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