ABC Profiles Blind Skaters Abdul and Mo Syed

Australian brothers Mo and Abdul Syed were born with a rare degenerative eye disorder, rendering them legally blind, but the kids are still out here learning tricks. Armed with their canes, they both head out to their local park in Canberra and develop different strategies for adapting to the hand they’ve been dealt. ABC Australia went on the mish with these motivated skaters to find out what is driving them, and what their parents think about them skating (the Syeds’ dad is all for it, reasoning that “there’s a big world waiting for them” and he wants them to meet future challenges head-on). This is inspiring, and it’s very cool to see the progress that they’ve been able to make in such a short time. Watch ABC’s profile of the Syeds, above!

Check out some of our recent work with adaptive athletes, including Dan Mancina, Justin Bishop, and chair skater Robert Thompkins, below:

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