Ace’s Brian Anderson Releases ‘Lannibug’ Short Film

Ace TrucksBrian Anderson has put the finishing touches on a short film/full part that is reliably loosey-goosey, just like the brand’s trucks. (He even does a line barefoot.) Read BA’s description of the video, ‘Lannibug’, below:

“Greetings to Planet Earth and the Universe, thank you for being here. Paulgar and I started filming for this project shortly after Easter of 2020. Paul had been filming Fred Gall in the Tri State area for at least a year at that time, and during quarantine we were all so grateful to have our crew in New Jersey to safely skate away from most people. Bondo for breakfast, concrete, brooms, towels, propane torch, shovels, skate tool, gasoline, driver’s license, credit card, cash, and a sense of humor. The last year and a half has been extremely difficult for us all, living through a global pandemic. I feel so fortunate to have had skateboarding, the great outdoors, and my friends to get through it.

“In January of 2020, Paul’s wife (and our dear friend) Alanna passed away. She will always be with us, coursing through our souls as we live out our lives. Like all of our loved ones who have begun their journey into whatever it is that happens after this life, she would want us to keep going. We send our sincere condolences to her family and the thousands of colorful friends she adored, and we dedicate this film to her, Lannibug. We hope this skateboarding video/film endeavor brings people good energy, and motivation to keep skating, doing your art, reading, writing, and just plain immersing yourself whenever possible in what you love about life. Alanna would want that. Thank you to everyone.”

Check out our compilation of some of BA’s best moments, below:

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