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Ace Trucks Presents ‘Open Return’

Ace Trucks has pilots flying all over the world… One aviator causing a particular amount of havoc in his airspace is filmmaking mastermind Lucien Parsons, who has put together one hell of a gritty edit featuring the U.K. based Ace riders. Fly along with Twiggy, Atlantic Johnson, Daryl Dominguez, Jarrad Carlin, Alice Smith, Charlie Birch, Chris Pulman, Billy Trick, Harry Lintell, Matlok Bennet Jones, Dead Dave, Mike Arnold, Bear Myles, Henry Gibbs, Jordan Thackery, Jordan Lightowler, Ben Broyd, Jay Lentern, Zach Smith, and Amy Ram as they take the U.K. streets by storm, through the cuts and beyond in Ace’s latest team video, ‘Open Return.’

Watch the full video, edited by Lucien Parsons, above!

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