LONDON, MEANTIME — adidas Across the Pond

One year ago today, adidas premiered its first full-length video in Los Angeles. Away Days highlighted a global effort that spanned several years and was one of the most grandiose projects that skateboarding has seen in some time. 

After its feature-length debut, adidas returned to its previous modus operandi—concise tour videos consisting of a group of team members exploring different cities. These clips not only show what the team can do on the available terrain, they also provide a sense of the location. 

Following up on Broadway Bullet, adidas turns its attention on London for its latest effort. London, Meantime features Blondey McCoy, Daewon Song, Gustav Tønnesen, Mark Suciu, Rodrigo Teixeira, Alec Majerus, Benny Fairfax, Marc Johnson, Na-Kel Smith, Kevin Lowry, Günes Özdogan, and Lucas Puig annihilating spots across the pond. 

And, as always, the cinematography is aesthetically pleasing.

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