Adidas Debuts ‘Archive’ Series With Classic Mark Suciu ‘Philadelphia’ Footage

The history of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania skateboarding is full of memorable clips and trajectory-changing moments, and one of the most impactful parts to emerge from the city is definitely Mark Suciu‘s ‘Philadelphia’. The 2013 video, assembled by Berrics favorite Chris Mulhern, highlighted some of the city’s many treats (well, the ones that are still standing… RIP Love) and showed Suciu in his element. Adidas is using ‘Philadelphia’ as a springboard for its latest video series, ‘Archive’, with episodes focusing on behind-the-scenes details and raw footage. If this was a DVD, ‘Archive’ is the commentary, deleted scenes, and extended scenes, all wrapped up in one. Like some of the hyper-literate Suciu’s favorite books, there’s more to the ‘Philadelphia’ story.

Check out some of our classic work in Philadelphia, with Ishod Wair and Kerry Getz, below:

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