Alex Amor Faces Marek Zaprazny In ‘King of Macba 4’

The fourth series of MACBA Life‘s annual plaza competition, ‘King Of MACBA,’ is really heating up and the every feature of the longtime global skate destination is fair game (in fact, competitors are required to integrate different plaza zones for each trick). In the latest Round 1 match (reffed by WBATB champ Monica Torres), ultra-perfectionist Marek Zaprazny faces off against the deliciously named romantically named Alex Amor. Does Marek wreck the spot, or does Amor love to wreck Marek? Watch the video, above, to find out!

Ahhh, Barthhelona… In 2016, we dedicated a whole week to this skateboarding mecca, with new parts from Christian Vannella and Jorge Calderon. Check out all the videos below!

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