Watch Alex Cooper’s ‘Peace Off’ Full-Length Here

Seattle, Washington, is a great place to skate… when it’s dry. But even when it’s raining you’re bound to come across a few locals who know all the ins and outs of covered spots (God bless parking garages). Filmer Alex Cooper was able to work around the city’s harsh weather to create his new full-length, Peace Off, featuring some of the area’s finest. Watch the video—featuring Josh McLaughlin, Dane Nomellini, Davis Lonergan, Cody Wilber, Andrew Morrison, Finn Pope, Keylen Dawson, Troy Gipson, Derick Wynn, Eugene Ibanez, Ben Koppl, Ray Weiss, Ian Wishart, Elise Hedge, Frasier Crane (just kidding), Tobias Coughlin-Bogue, and more—above!

And watch a couple of our projects with Seattle’s Koppl (aka Rollersurfer), below:

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