SUPREME BACK IN THE DAY — An Interview With Alex Corporan

SUPREME BACK IN THE DAY -- An Interview With Alex Corporan

Before Supreme was a worldwide cultural phenomenon, it was just like any other skate shop. A place to meet up, watch a video, and skate some flatground before venturing out to explore downtown New York. These humble roots are a far cry from present day. The shop consistently has lines down the block for limited releases, and now has a collaboration with Louis Vuitton under its belt.

High Snobiety sat down with Alex Corporan—who managed the Lafayette store in the early ‘90s—for an interview. Alex recalls the simpler times and gives a good deal of insight into how the brand developed and progressed to where it is now. His recollection of favorite memories from working at the store should be very familiar to anyone who has spent time at a skate shop—and is a reminder of why these institutions are an integral part of our culture.

“Every moment from the morning skating outside, having lunch with the crew, the warm-up sessions before the homies go skate and take over the city while we were working. The nights after closing, sitting around talking, making jokes, drinking, smoking while snapping photos and videos and killing time before we painted the town hitting all the clubs and bars.”

Head over to the High Snobiety site to read the full interview.

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