Fashion, and popular culture in general for that matter, has had a serious infatuation with skateboarding for the past several years now. Whether it’s on the runway or television screens, skateboarding is everywhere at the moment. For us, it doesn’t entirely make sense. We were always here doing what we do. Alex Olson—who created a brand from skateboarding that has crossed over into high fashion—has an interesting take on the subject. He breaks it down in his new interview with SSENSE.

Well, I think it’s just of the times right now. Skating is one of the few things that is still a culture. Music is not really a culture anymore. We can all subscribe to something and have a library of music. Then with photography, we’re all photographers now—we all have cameras on our phones. So, that’s also been homogenized to the point where it falls to the wayside a bit. But with skating, you have something that can’t just be wrapped up into a paragraph. It has this misfit youth thing to it that people often romanticize. There’s a mystique about it that people want. But that’s also me stroking my own ego.

Head over to the SSENSE site to read the complete interview. Alex touches on meditation, 917, how he landed in New York, and more in this insightful piece.

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