Alex Sorgente, Midler & Zion Wright Give You ‘Rocket Power’ Vibes

Shane Kreutzer filmed a very interesting homage to Nickelodeon’s Rocket Power series—a show that holds a special place in many skaters’ hearts—featuring  Zion Wright, Alex Sorgente, and Alex Midler, among others at the BCR Surf Resort in Texas. This is, of course, one of those wave farms with the perfect 6-foot curls, barrels, etc., but the property also has a ridiculous ramp (and a spa for everything else your body needs). Wright gives you a reminder that he’s a Florida boy, demonstrating some amazing carves—it’s only a matter of time before this IRL Otto is doing 540s off the lip. Watch Kreutzer’s video, above!

Wright, Sorgente, and Midler have filmed dozens of projects with us over the past few years. Watch a handful of these videos, below:

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