Skateboarding Video Parts

Alexis Ramirez SK8MAFIA Part 01-01-23

Alexis Ramirez kicked off the new year with an incredible new part for SK8MAFIA, 01-01-23. The 25 year old has been putting in work lately and shows no signs of slowing down. Alexis Ramirez made sure to start 2023 on the right foot with a new video part offering on January 1st filled with tech lines, hectic handrails, sets, gaps, and everything in between. The two song part checks all the boxes and it was just the part what we needed to start the new year!

We’ve been lucky enough to work closely with Alexis Ramirez and the rest of the SK8MAFIA crew since the OG Berrics days. From United Nations, to Skate or Dice, and even a Run n Gun with the elusive Wes Kremer, Check out a handful of our projects with them, below:

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