Alexis Sablone Talks About Ankle Sprains & More On ‘Old Friends’ Podcast

Old Friends, the brand founded by old friends Walker Ryan and Chris Collins, have released the second episode of their new fitness-focused podcast where they talk to with pros about injuries, rehab, and skate videos. The ‘Ankle Sprain Month’ episode features an interview with WBATB’s Alexis Sablone, discussing her recent CONS video; the Olympics; Toy Machine’s Welcome to Hell and how it influenced her as a skater; and a gnarly ankle sprain she’s been dealing with. The podcast is one part of a subscription-based Patreon account called Old Friends Fitness, which offers weekly videos and podcasts about injury rehab and injury prevention for skateboarders. All of the content is curated by the brand’s in-house physical therapist, Dr. Kyle Brown and is sure to get all you home-bound homeboys feeling a little bit better after quarantine.

Listen to the episode above via Soundcloud (also available on Spotify,  Apple podcasts, and most other podcast platforms).

Check out some of the work we’ve done with Walker Ryan and Old Friends over the years, including a Next New Wave feature, below:

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