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Ambition Snowskate Presents Egor Prihodko’s ‘INCUBUS’ Part

Most skateboarders have very little options for skateboarding during the snowy months of winter, but Egor Prihodko relishes during this season with his trusty Ambition snowskate under his feet. Prihodko packs a punch in the powder with rooftop drops to snowy hillbombs, 9 stair heelflips, handles a bevy of handrails, and a takes on a terrifying drop down grind to close it out. Egor is living in a winter wonder land…

Watch Egor’s “INCUBUS” part, filmed & edited by Danya Andrievsky, above, and check out the part and profile feature of Ambition Snowskate rider, Dave Engerer, below!

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