Andale Grinds Through New Mexico In Latest ‘Slappy Days’

Andale has really made a name for themselves in the low-impact world of slappy videos. The easily accessible genre is one of the most relatable in skateboarding—all you need is a skateboard and a curb (trucks: loose; wax: optional)—and the brand’s stable of slap-happy slappiers are more than willing to relate. Their latest episode in the ‘Slappy Days’ series takes Ace Pelka, Paul Hart, and Nathan Ko to the land of Heisenberg: New Mexico. To paraphrase Walter White: “They are the ones who grind.” Watch the video, above!

The Berrics have become steadily more engrossed with slappys over the years, and we’ve even dedicated a few videos to the ancient art of smashing your trucks (and everything else). Check out these projects below:

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