Must Watch: Andale’s Tiago Lemos Mixtape

Tiago Lemos is a larger-than-life individual—actually, he’s downright bionic. It’s crazy to think that he wasn’t really a household name until his appearance Ty Evans’s We Are Blood in 2015; nowadays his name represents top quality and top pop. His runs from Run & Gun 2015 and Run & Gun 2016 were particular high points in his career, and our audience thought so too, giving him some of the highest scores of the series to date for his immaculately timed runs. Lemos’s unstoppable pop draws you in, and then he holds you through some of the longest slides and grinds committed to video.

To mark the release of his first signature bearing, Andale has compiled some of Lemos’s footage for this Manolo mixtape, covering years and years of his progressive clips.

Check out Lemos’s Berrics projects, below, to truly appreciate how bionic this dude is:

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