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Chris Roberts Interviews Andy Anderson In Today’s ‘Nine Club’

Andy Anderson checked in with The Nine Club for episode 190, and we don’t have to tell you that this guy is an open book. Every time Anderson gets the opportunity to give an interview, he blesses you with some thoughtful, honest shit, and this time is no different. The interview covers growing up in White Rock, BC, Canada; his first board; riding for Skull Skates; the vibes with freestyle skateboarding; why he started wearing a helmet; that one time George Powell put him on Powell; getting hazed the first time he went on tour; how and why he designed his unique pro board; his company Mind Control Helmets; and, oh yeah, going to the Olympics (like, super soon… the world is about to see what skateboarding is all about). Watch the interview, above.

Watch a handful of this helmeted hellion’s hella hard clips with us below:

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