Andy Duran Introduces Fat & Plus-Sized ‘Chub Rollz’ Skate Club

In California’s Bay Area, there’s a new skate club that welcomes people of sizes. And it’s called Chub Rollz. You may say, But skateboarding is the most inclusive thing in the world… And you’d mostly be right. However, when you’re large and in charge—like 340-pound club founder Andy Duran—you’ll notice that more athletic-looking skaters’ biases will occasionally come out. Chub Rollz is a sanctuary—a place to skate freely and be 100% accepted.

SFGate‘s Ariana Bindman gives you the skinny on the Chub Rollz launch, featuring interviews with club members and Duran, in a recent article. And the timing for this club is seemingly perfect: with a pandemic limiting physical activity (and motivation) for many people, skateboarding at first seems like a good solution to our sedentary normal. But what if you don’t look the part? In Bindman’s article, Duran expresses the positive effect that a judgment-free zone can have:

“It’s great to be in a space where we can take over and be ourselves, and don’t have to be embarrassed when the board squeaks when we stand on it.”

Learn more about Chub Rollz here!

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