Antwuan Dixon & Terry Kennedy Star In Latest ‘Beagle Tapes’ Episode

Baker‘s filmer Beagle takes pride in his lensmanship. Maybe that’s why he’s been stockpiling hours and hours of classic Baker behind-the-scenes footage and unseen clips for the past two decades. On the latest episode of his ‘Beagle Tapes’ series he shows you Tape #F09 (filmed in 2006), which features a post-Baker 3 victory lap featuring Antwuan Dixon and Terry Kennedy in Brea, Garden Grove, and Riverside, California. Get there while you can!(!!)

Beagle has worked with The Berrics on many occasions, most notably for our 2015 REDirect series (starring Murdy the Dawg). Check out a few of his recent projects with us, and our interview with the one and only Dixon, below!

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