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Apple Falls Far From The Tree — iOS 10 – New Overhaul

Apple Falls Far From The Tree -- iOS 10 - New OverhaulThe Apple has fallen far from the tree with most tech enthusiasts agreeing the software has rolled onto greener pastures. Today, September 16th, 2016, Apple released the iOS 10 update, completely overhauling what we know about the iPhone’s current operating system. 

For starters, the lock screen has received a complete overhaul. It is no longer slide to the side to unlock, rather you slide up to awaken your device. This function has made way for Apple’s newest mantra of supplying more information and abilities within the immediate reach of the lock screen. No longer do iPhone users need to go to a notifications center to see what’s going on with their applications. Customizable widgets on the lock screen make for quicker access to what you want to know and share, wasting time fishing through pages and apps is no longer an issue; with this philosophy being transferred over to the control center as well. 

Apple Falls Far From The Tree -- iOS 10 - New Overhaul

The control center now has three pages, eliminating having to go into other apps to perform certain tasks. The first page is for the familiar basic controls we saw in previous iOS systems. The second page is for music functionality with the third being for the new ‘home’ functions that allow you to access your devices at home. The new pages are very intuitive and have 3D touch for increased precision, while all being overhauled with the iOS 10. For both the lock screen, home page, and control center, animation overhauls have also taken place for the faster, in the moment feel Apple has done so well at capturing over the decades of introducing new tech. 

With the current iPhone 6 models and the soon to be released iPhone 7, 3d animation has been treated with a special emphasis for iOS 10. If you do not have the latest iPhones, you will be missing out on the royalty functions. However, those of us who do have them will be treated to a new system that feels as if we bought an entirely new phone

Apple didn’t stop with visuals. The iOS 10 has a complete overhaul with sound effects, from scrolling to texting, nearly every soundboard now has a new click. 

Apple Falls Far From The Tree -- iOS 10 - New Overhaul

What comes at no surprise is iOS 10’s focus on emojis. There is a huge change in the look of all emojis, with more depth, shadowing, and attention to detail. Apple has also taken a prudent move in eliminating dangerous emojis, replacing the gun emoji with a water gun and so on. As of now, there is no skateboard emoji, but they have swapped the sports emojis with women instead of men. Which is pretty awesome if you’re a fan of political correctness. Words while texting can now be highlighted for your iPhone to suggest which emojis fit best. You write pizza, a pizza emoji will pop up. You write the world and the world emoji will pop up, etc. Texting will never be the same.

Sending photos and messages to your group chat will be easier than ever with iOS 10’s reform of iMessage. You can now draw and send animated drawings as well as a quicker faster response to sending photos. The idea behind these features was to mirror what users love about social media apps. There is a built-in app store right in your messages allowing you to send GIFs and add stamps over your images all without opening another app. The predictive text is now more aware as well. If someone texts you – “Where are you” your phone will suggest sending your current location without you having to do anything. There is also a shortcut through scrolling feature that allows you to text without ever leaving the lock screen

Apple Falls Far From The Tree -- iOS 10 - New Overhaul

If you have an iPhone and decide to download iOS 10, you’re going to probably spend the next few hours trying to figure everything out. It’s noteworthy some tech gurus have gone as far as to insist to not download the new update. Some just hate letting go of what they know. _You download it and you be the judge! _

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