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Arbor Skateboards Premieres Ace Pelka’s ‘Naturals’ Part

Arbor Skateboards takes great pride in welcoming Ace Pelka to the family their newest team member with his Naturals video part. Ride along with Ace’s unique spot selection, off-road expertise, and out-of-the-box approach as he traverses wild landscapes of North America to experience the raw and natural form of skateboarding. With a shared commitment to sustainability, Ace perfectly aligns with Arbor’s ongoing efforts to reduce their impact on the planet and Arbor is happy to have him aboard. Watch Ace’s ‘Naturals’ part, above, and check out his first two pro models, Vanin’ and Disconnected Youth, available now!

Ace Pelka has gotten slappy happy with us quite a few times over the years, watch some of our favorite video parts and segments from Ace, below!

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