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Artifact: Crafting Face Masks In a Crisis

With so many things out of our control during this health crisis, Chris Hughes and Artifact decided to focus on what they could do to improve a dire situation. The Berrics has teamed up with the ‘Right Here, Right Now Project’ to bring you Hughes and his story. Here he details his thought process for this critical pivot—one that we hope to see more businesses embrace. Focus on what you can do in the here and now, and we’ll all come out of this crisis stronger.

The Right Here Right Now project is an ongoing series created by Joshua Foo and Lauren Abell. They’ve set out to document local industries and the effects the COVD-19 pandemic has had on them. The project’s hope is to shine a light on the vital parts of the community during this difficult time and let their stories be heard, felt, spread, and talked about. This is but a sliver of the stories out there; it’s happening everywhere. Please support this project with a follow and some kind words on both Facebook and Instagram. Thank you. —sb

Learn more about Artifact’s line of personal protection equipment here.

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