Aurelien Giraud Shares His Story In Monster Energy’s ‘Aspire-Inspire’

Team France’s Aurelien Giraud has been all around the world, blessing some of the most intimidating spots (like MACBA’s gap-to-street) and placing on the podium in dozens of global contests (he won the recent Dew Tour Finals in Long Beach). Monster Energy profiles the next-level athlete in its new documentary series, ‘Aspire-Inspire’, which gives you some idea of how France’s top pro became so damn driven. Watch and learn, above.

Giraud has filmed for a dozen Berrics projects—It Must Be Nice#DreamTrickBangin, Battle Of The French, and so much more. We even clocked him doing the world’s fastest ghetto bird! Check out Giraud’s recent video projects with us below, and support him by picking up one of his four new pro models at the Plan B site!

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