Aurelien Giraud Tames a Lyon

In January, Team France’s Aurelien Giraud turned pro for Plan B and every week he’s been on a relentless mission to remind you why he got the prestigious promotion in the first place. He’s been dropping part after part, and his Instagram hasn’t exactly been quiet either—Giraud’s still one of the most consistently satisfying follows. But why in the hell would he want to put his blossoming pro career in jeopardy by throwing himself down the notoriously unforgiving Lyon 25?! Historically, this spot chews skaters up and spit them out, then slurps them up and regurgitates them once more for good measure. C’est la vie… but the Lyon 25 hadn’t met Aurelien Giraud. Watch his astounding new video above—what can’t this guy do?

Giraud has filmed for a dozen Berrics projects—It Must Be Nice#DreamTrickBangin, Battle Of The French, and so much more. We even clocked him doing the world’s fastest ghetto bird! Check out Giraud’s recent video projects with us below, and support him by picking up one of his four new pro models at the Plan B site!

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