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Austyn Gillette Interviewed On ‘The Nine Club’

The Nine Club‘s latest interview features the outspoken Austyn Gillette, the Habitat legend who has recently rejoined the brand, speaking candidly on some hot skate topics, like: getting offered good money to ride for Brian Anderson’s 3D brand, and how Alex Olson’s vision ultimately didn’t line up with BA’s; his different shoe sponsors (did you know that he rode for eS back in the day?), and being asked by Joe Castrucci and Rob Dyrdek to quit Habitat Footwear because they couldn’t afford it; becoming pro, and his opinions on a pro’s natural career half-life; why Gillette would love to work on a full-length again; and his new album, which he will begin work on next month. Watch Gillette’s often hilarious interview, above!

Check out some of the work Gillette has done with us over the years, below:

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