Austyn Gillette

Austyn Gillette. Photo: Andrew Peters, courtesy Slam City Skates

London’s venerable skate retailer Slam City Skates, in business for over 33 years, recently chopped it up with Austyn Gillette.  The Former style god was an open book about a variety of topics—including his rumored upcoming board brand (confirmed)—but one revealing question definitely stands out: 

Your style is an influential one. Have you ever come face to face with any memorable carbon copies on the road?

[Laughs] A couple. It’s weird. It’s definitely not as popular as everything else that’s going on but it’s funny, you can definitely see it. If you’re talking about skating you develop that style over years. I haven’t seen any people trying to actually skate like me but they wear the clothes which is kind of what everybody is doing. They want to look or be like the people they are looking up to and I remember being like that with people I looked up to. There’s things I wear outside of skateboarding that I’ve seen and liked, liked that look and identified with it. I don’t wear anything that crazy, it’s pretty standard issue for comfort. I know it and it’s always worked.

Read the whole interview at the Slam City blog. And check out this video introduction to Former, starring Gillette and Jake Anderson, that was released last year:

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