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Autographed Round 1 BATB 13 Finals Night Ticket Boards

BATB 13: Freedom Finals Night is happening on 11/11/23 and YOU are invited! Instead of traditional guest lists or RSVPs, we’re offering Exclusive autographed Round 1 BATB 13: Freedom Finals Night Ticket Boards in The Canteen! that double as your ticket to Finals Night!

Each week, with every battle, we’ll be releasing a limited number boards featuring the skaters battling that week. New boards every week with each game. Each order comes with an exclusive BATB 13 shirt for you to wear to Finals! This week we have boards from Cody Cepeda, Ryan Decenzo, Filipe Mota, and Levi Loffelberger.

We’ve also randomly hidden 10 Golden Ticket boards among the drops. If you’re lucky enough to snag one, this special board wins you a FREE trip to Finals Night, including a free flight, hotel accommodations, and exclusive in-arena seating during Finals.

Stay up to date every week with each new board drop so you can secure your spot to BATB 13: Freedom Finals Night. Only a certain amount of people can fit into Finals Night so once these boards are gone, they’re gone for good! New Batch BATB 13 Boards on sale every week so get yours while they last! ⏰


in The Canteen!

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