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Autographed Steve-O “Do A Kickflip!” Boards Available in The Canteen!

We’re celebrating Steve-O‘s birthday in style with an epic autographed “Do A Kickflip!” board!

Autographed Steve-O

The “Do A Kickflip!” alumni back for more and he wants to go bigger than ever for his Birthday! This time, instead of yelling “Do A Kickflip!” out of the car window, the Jackass star put out the challenge for someone to kickflip off his moving Tesla. As luck would have it, Garrett Ginner was eager to answer the call. After all, when Steve-O wants a kickflip for his birthday… you “Do A Kickflip!”

Join the excitement and celebrate Steve-O’s birthday with an autographed “Do A Kickflip!” board signed by the birthday boy himself, now exclusively available in The Canteen.

Autographed Steve-O

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