Eric Bork and Mikey Taylor kick their Avni Intelligence podcast into high gear with Episode 4 featuring Paul Rodriguez. The show’s entrepreneurial focus allows Paul to delve into topics that haven’t been discussed in previous interviews. At 17:40, he provides some candid insight into how his childhood affected his approach to the skate industry.

Now, looking back, I realize why my mentality was like that. You have to look at how I grew up. I have a father who’s a comedian. His job is to tell jokes. He makes millions of dollars doing this. I grew up on television sets meeting famous actors… and all these people. All I saw growing up was somebody living their dream in the biggest possible way. All I thought in my head was “I want to live big dreams.” So I didn’t come into skateboarding with this mentality of “We gotta keep it small, gotta keep it cool.”

From signing with Nike SB in its infancy, to doing deals with brands like Target and AT&T, Rodriguez has always thought outside of the box when it comes to endorsements. This bit of insight explains a lot about the trajectory that he took with his career path.

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